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MAX Faucets Canada

Shower Floor Drain Base Flange ABS

Shower Floor Drain Base Flange ABS

SKU: YM-65203-ABS - UPC Code: 7403424153537
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MAX Faucets boasts a great selection of Shower Accessories that combine aesthetics, durability, and function. Rest assured that what you’re getting are stylish, long-lasting, and innovative products. 

  • MAX Faucets - Shower Floor Drain Base Flange ABS.
  • ABS connectors and rubber connectors are suitable for all 2-inches shower drains, while the diameter of inner which is 2.36 inches can be connected to a standard size of sewer tube. ABS connector comes with 1 O-shaped rubber ring to play a sealing role. The rubber joint comes with 3 O-ring is to prevent leakage. During the installation process, it is better to use the rubber joint if you do not need to adjust the height.
  • threaded joints and shower drain base are made of 100% high-density ABS materials, the strength of tensile is high, not easy to deform and fragmentation.
  • High elastic rubber joints can be wrapped tightly with the drains to prevent slipping and leakage. The screw is the use of high-quality stainless steel and high hardness to avoid deform, rust and corrosion. The screw base is made of high strength of brass material and the thread is not easy to damage
  • The shower drain base is compatible with all 2-inch hub-less drainage pipes on the market. The diameter of inner is 2.36 inches. It is made of excellent material and can be installed in any indoor or outdoor areas.
  • Model #: YM-65203-ABS.
  • Size: 6.5"*6.5"
  • Original Price $70.00 Now For $29.90
  • UPC Code: 7403424153537
  • Black ABC
  • Smart Quick Installation. 
  • Package Included: 1 x 6.5"*6.5" Flange ABS,1 x Threaded Joints,1 x Rubber Joints.
  • Lifetime Warranty Limited. (For information read more Warranty page)
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