Square Tub Shower System Three Functions With Pressure-balance Valve Chrome Finish

SKU : HM-MW6335-C/10

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Product Details

MAX Faucets offers an impressive range of shower system sets, harmonizing aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Rest assured, the products you receive are not only stylish but also designed to be long-lasting and innovative.

  • MAX Faucets Square Tub Shower System with Three Functions with Single Handle Design seems like a versatile and convenient option for controlling water temperature and flow volume. 
  • Pressure-balance valve with a scald prevention feature helps maintain a consistent water temperature, preventing sudden changes that could lead to scalding. It’s designed to balance hot and cold water pressures, ensuring a safe and comfortable shower or bath experience.
  • The MAX Faucets Square Tub Shower System with Three Functions and a Single Handle Design seems like a versatile and convenient option for controlling water temperature and flow volume. 
  • New versatile water supply system enhances flexibility, providing an efficient and adaptable solution for your shower preferences.
  • Our cutting-edge valve features three water exits tailored for a Three-shower system. Effortlessly switch between functions using a convenient knob for seamless transitions. This design facilitates water flow to the shower head, handheld unit, and spout, providing a customizable and convenient shower experience.
  • The single-handle design seamlessly integrates control over both water temperature and flow volume, offering an easy and efficient way to customize your shower experience.
  • The Power Drench spray not only creates powerful water patterns but also incorporates high pressure, ensuring a strong and invigorating flow for an energizing shower experience.
  • The ceramic cartridge in the valve minimizes leak points, offering enhanced durability and a longer lifespan compared to traditional alternatives. This design ensures a reliable and lasting performance.
  • Model Number: YM-MW6335-C
  • UPC Code: 7403424151267
  • Original Price 10" Shower Head $899.90 Now For $449.90 
  • Chrome Finish.  
  • 10"*10" Showerhead,Available 12"*12" and 16"*16".
  • 16" Wall Showerhead arm.
  • Manual Installation Guide.
  • Installation Guide Video Click Here  
  • Engineered to fit standard plumbing connections in Canada and the USA, with a 1/2" G NPT (National Pipe Thread) size, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.
  • Everything you need is conveniently packaged together in one box, simplifying the installation process and ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  • The package includes:
    1 x Pressure-Balance Valve,
    1 x Valve Plate,
    1 x Valve Handle,
    1 x Valve Knob,
    1 x Shower Head Square 10”*10”,
    1 x Shower Head Wall Arm 16”,
    1 x Shower Head Arm Plate 2.1/4*2.1/4,
    1 x Bracket Shower Hand,
    1 x Bracket Shower Hand Plate 2.1/4*2.1/4,
    1 x Shower Hand,
    1 x Shower Hand Hose 150cm,
    1 x Spout 7”
    1 x spout plate 2”*2”
    1 x Bag Installation Hardware,
    1 x Manual Installation Guide,
    1 x Warranty Number.
  • Product Weight: 3500g.
  • Package Weight: 5000g.
  • Package Size: L 15" * W15" * 5.5".
  • Backed & Tested By MAX Faucets Lifetime Warranty Limited (Warranty Page)

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