Thermostatic Shower System Three Functions With Hand-Held Slide Bar and Pressure Balance Valve Brushed Nickel Finish


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MAX Faucets Boasts A Great Selection Of Thermostatic Shower System Set That Combine Aesthetics, Durability, And Function. Rest Assured That What You’re Getting Are Stylish, Long-Lasting, And Innovative Products.  

  • MAX Faucets | Thermostatic Shower System Three Functions With Pressure balance valve Square Desing. 
  • Thermostatic Shower System Three Functions With A New Versatile Water Supply System allows you to use all functions simultaneously for a comprehensive shower experience. 
  • A pressure balance valve with a scald prevention feature helps maintain a consistent water temperature, preventing sudden changes that could lead to scalding. It’s designed to balance hot and cold water pressures, ensuring a safe and comfortable shower experience.
  • The Thermostatic design seamlessly Integrates to enable easy control of Water temperature, and Flow Easily with One Touch. 
  • The system features three push buttons, allowing you to switch between functions or have them work together simultaneously for a customized shower experience.
  • The Power Drench spray not only creates powerful water patterns but also incorporates high pressure, ensuring a strong and invigorating flow for an energizing shower experience.
  • Swirling Water Spout, PowerDrench Spray Creates Powerful Water Patterns, For An Energizing Experience 
  • The ceramic cartridge in the valve minimizes leak points, offering enhanced durability and a longer lifespan compared to traditional alternatives. This design ensures a reliable and lasting performance.
  • Model Number: YM-MW9133THSB-BN
  • UPC Code: 7403424157276
  • Original Price $1499.90 Now For $789.90 
  • Brushed Nickel Finish. 
  • 11" Swirling Water Spout. 
  • 12"*12" Showerhead.
  • 16" Wall Showerhead arm.
  • 26" Slide Shower Bar,
  • Manual Installation Guide.
  • Engineered to fit standard plumbing connections in Canada and the USA, with a 1/2" G NPT (National Pipe Thread) size, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.
  • Everything you need is conveniently packaged together in one box, simplifying the installation process and ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  • The package includes:
    1 x Thermostatic Pressure balance valve.,
    1 x Valve Plate,
    1 x Valve Knob,
    1 x Shower Head Square 12”*12”,
    1 x Shower Head Wall Arm 16”,
    1 x Shower Head Arm Plate 2"*2",
    1 x Shower Handheld Elbow,
    1 x Shower Handheld Plate 2"*2",
    1 x Shower Handheld sprayer,
    1 x Shower Hand Hose 60",
    1 x Swirling Water Spout 11",
    1 x Spout plate 2”*2”,
  • 1 x Slide Shower Bar 26", 
  • 1 x Bag Installation Hardware,
  • 1 x Manual Installation Guide,
    1 X Warranty Number
  • Product Weight: 3800g.
  • Package Weight: 5200g.
  • Package Size: L 15" * W15" * 5.5".
  • Backed & Tested By MAX Faucets Lifetime Warranty Limited (Warranty Page)

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